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Vaastu Shastra is one out of  64 ancient sciences of India. Vaastu Shastra is based on the balancing of five basic elements of universe. These elements are Prathvi tatva, Agni tatva, Vayu tatva, Jal tatva, and Akash tatva.These elements are also called panchabhoota, or panchatatva. Human body is also made of these elements. Many epics and ancient literature are available on Vaastu Shastra. Vaastu shastra has determined an appropriate direction for each element and we have to take what we need from these directions, like east direction contains Agni tatva (fire elements), North direction contains Jal tatva (water elements), West direction contains Vayu tatva (air elements), and the South direction contains Prathvi tatva (earth elements).
We can say it is the science of peace and harmony.  
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